Spiral Draw


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A fresh spin on a drawing revolution

Back in the 20th century, kids used plastic gears to draw geometric designs. When the process worked, the results were beautiful. But, too often, sprockets didn't mesh, gears stuck, and drawings were crumpled in frustration.

At Klutz, we see this kind of kid frustration as a call to action. So we created The Spiral Draw Book. Gratifying stacks of letters, drawings, and sales figures showed how kids loved our meticulously designed gears and draw-right-on-'em pages. Now, nine years later, this book has earned a fresh new spin.

The gears have been engineered (and tested, tested, and tested again) for maximum ease of use — they're even translucent, to eliminate the "where was I?" of other spiral systems. The frame's rubber feet grip the lay-flat book pages securely. Updated project ideas show how to create and combine the 65 different shapes into stunning spirals, while a pen with six different ink colors guarantees every one of them will be rainbow bright. And now, everything packs away into a neat new format with tons of workspace and storage — perfectly sized for a zillion and one spirals.