Klutz Jr.: My Mermaid Soap


Swim with mermaids, in your own bathtub! Squish the special no-heat soap powder with water, glitter, and pineapple scent to make six soaps - three adorable mermaids and three sea turtles or jellyfish. Choose from three colors of soap, 5 colors of hair, and 2 colors of jellyfish tentacles for tons of opportunity to customize your creations. Just mix-up your liquid soap, press the soap and water-proof fabric pieces into the mold, and pop them in the freezer for one hour to set. When you swish them underwater, the jellyfish will dance, and the mermaids' hair will flow. Sea the magic for yourself!

Comes with: Pink, Blue and Green Soap Flakes, Soap Mold, 5 colors of non-woven fabric, Glitter, Pineapple scent