Un trésor dans mon jardin


Rendering loop-subscriptions

This vibrant, engaging assortment offers children an entertaining introduction to the French language. From stories of friendship, family, discovery, and self-esteem to silly, snappy songs of one-of-a-kind barnyard animals, lullabies, and segments of classical music, children tune in to a variety of musical styles and multicultural experiences. The accompanying CDs provide children an opportunity to hear the pronunciation of the words and sing along as they learn the language.


The lyrics in these tender, subtle, and irresistibly simple songs will delight children’s ears. Gilles Vigneault's wandering mind leads far away into an imaginative world, to a garden unlike any other, rich in poetry and full of surprises. Among them are the lullaby “Berceuse pour Julie” (Julia's Lullaby), the nursery rhyme “Les boîtes” (The Boxes), a call-and-response tune “Sur le bout de la langue” (On the Tip of My Tongue), and a short tale about a little girl who plants a light bulb and years later discovers a street lamp in the exact same place.