Let’s Draw Fun Animals


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Let’s Draw Fun Animals - Paperback / softback Coloring / join-the-dot book is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

"An entertaining way for youngsters to practice their artistic skills." —School Library Journal

This is NO ORDINARY how-to-draw book! It’s simple (only 7 steps) and so much FUN! Includes drawing tips, animal facts, and bonus drawing activities!

Are you ready to go on a wild and crazy drawing journey of EPIC PROPORTIONS? Just kidding. Well, it could be a little wild—we’re drawing fun animals. ROAR!

Learn how to draw 92 different animals! Follow the 7 simple steps for each animal to become a SUPER-FUN-ANIMAL-DRAWING-EXPERT.

You’ll draw:

  • Pets
  • Farm Animals
  • Rainforest Animals
  • Savanna Animals
  • Woodland Animals
  • Ocean Animals
  • Baby Animals

There’s lots of extra fun included inside:

  • Cool drawing tips: Did you know the letter “T” shape is the perfect nose for lambs and llamas?
  • Fun facts about animals: Did you know that the little hop that guinea pigs make is called popcorning?
  • PLUS bonus drawing activities throughout the book: draw party animals, create a comic, take your pet to the pet resort, make faces in the photo booth, and tons more!
  • And a Certificate of Awesome Drawing

Now go grab a pen and pencil and LET’S DRAW!