Everything I Know About Poop


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An absolute must-have for toilet-resistant kids.

Everything I Know About Poop gives parents an innovative and fun way to help their toddlers achieve toilet-training success, especially the stubborn ones. It uses a hilarious story and charming drawings to engage kids and help them understand, verbalize and accept that people need to poop, animals need to poop, we all need to poop! But it's not always easy.

    Everyone knows how to make a nice poop!
    And people who do not know, learn sooner or later.
    If you poop raise your hand!
    Our little brother poops...
    Mom and Dad also poop.
    Even grandma and Grandpa still poop!
    A hippo poops.
    With its tail spinning like a helicopter, it flings poop through the air.
    Yuck! What a mess it makes!
    Birds know how to poop.
    Onto people, sometimes. (But not on me!)
    Grandma has a cute puppy that poops anywhere on the street.
    You have to pick it up, and throw it away. (The poop, not the dog.)
    While our very proud cat, prefers to poop in his litter box.

    What about me? What about you? How do we poop?

Kids will find this book hilarious and will commit it to memory.