I Love You Mom

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A sweet ode to the animal world's mothers.

This charming book describes how 45 species of animal mothers care for their young, the hard work they do and the sacrifices they make, just like human moms. Its audience will identify with the profound physical and emotional love shown by each mother. Readers will come away knowing that all of the young animals surely love their moms as much as they love theirs.

Readers learn how animal mothers care for their young depending on the species and the environment, what they eat, and where they live. They learn how mothers (and fathers) work together to take care of their young, the same as humans. They learn how the moms feed their young, help them stay safe, teach them survival skills, and also have fun, knowing that soon they will be grown up and will leave.

I Love You Mom features 45 wild animal species: Dolphin; Elephant; Bald eagle; Badger; Japanese red bug; Chimpanzee; Meerkat; Gazelle; Polar bear; Pig; Laysan albatross; Kangaroo; Cheetah; Hare; Grizzly bear; Canada goose; Hippopotamus; Honey bee; Gray languar monkey; American quarter horse; Emperor penguin; Giraffe; Pale-throated three-toed sloth; Gorilla; Lion; Ring-tailed lemur; Llama; Sea otter; Orangutan; Giant panda; Strawberry poison-dart frog; Goat; Koala; Gelada baboon; Cow; Raccoon; Crocodile; Gray wolf; Flamingo; Red squirrel; Baboon; Rhinoceros; Lamb; Tiger and Walrus.

Here is a small sampling of the many ways the 45 animal moms in I Love You Mom care for their babies:

  • Mother dolphins teach a unique whistle to their young, one that only they know. Suffolk sheep and lambs do this too.
  • A badger mom makes a soft warm bed for her young and she and the father clean and change it regularly.
  • Japanese red bugs spend hours every day searching for the one type of fruit their young will eat.
  • Many animals share mothering duties, such as gorillas, giraffe, meerkats, lions, flamingos, wolves, and more.
  • And animals may not have arms to hug with but they give affection with flipper hugs, kisses with beaks and lips, and they lick and groom and comb fur. They keep their babies clean and warm and they keep them close while helping them gain independence.

Motherhood is the most demanding and rewarding of roles; as these loving animals demonstrate. I Love You Mom is a journey to meet nature's very best moms, and celebrate everything that makes our own mothers so special.