Lunch Box Letters

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"Sperandeo and Zimmerman make a good case for written communication with the young people in your life and how to act on it. It's advice that literary-minded parents will take to heart."
-- January Magazine

Today, children grow up in a fast-changing world while parents struggle to find ways to communicate with them and to show just how much they care. Lunch Box Letters, created by two parents who wrote notes to their children regularly and were greatly encouraged by the results, presents a proven method of staying in touch with children who, after all, just want to hear their parent's voice -- to know that someone cares enough to write a few words for them to read in the middle of the day.

The authors provide sample letters to show how simple these little notes are to write -- and how important they are to both parent and child. The colorful notes can be put in lunch boxes or backpacks before school to be opened later in the day. They can be left under the pillow of a sleeping child, slipped under a bedroom door, given to celebrate a special occasion or even posted on the refrigerator door. They can also be written and mailed by grandparents, aunts and uncles, and godparents.

Lunch Box Letters contains 100 sheets of colorful notepaper, ready to tear out and use. Just add a few words and tuck the letter into the child's lunch box or backpack. With this book as a guide, it takes no time at all to write a letter. Yet the benefits will last a lifetime.