What Do You Do If You Work at the Zoo?

From Caldecott Honorwinning team Steve Jenkins and Robin Page comes an early introduction to one of young readers favorite places: the zoo!

Going to the zoo is so exciting! You might see penguins swimming underwater, snakes sunning in the reptile house, or giraffes eating leaves out of high trees. You might even see people at the zoo, ones just like you! But what do those people do?

Caldecott Honor–winning team Steve Jenkins and Robin Page introduce young readers to the people who keep zoo animals safe, healthy, and happy, even though they aren’t in the wild habitats they’ve evolved for. From cuddling a baby kangaroo to trimming elephant toenails to playing soccer with a rhino, zookeepers work hard and do some pretty wacky things to take care of the incredible animals we see.

So, what wouldyou do if you were in the zookeeper’s shoes? Turn the page and find out!