Make Glitter Clay Charms

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Make. Bake. Sparkle. Wear.

With over 75,000 copies of Clay Charms sold in Canada alone, we had to ask-what's better than tiny, sculptable, one-of-a-kind cuties you can take with you wherever you go? The answer, of course, is wearable miniatures that also sparkle and shimmer!

Say hello to Make Glitter Clay Charms, the fabulous follow-up to our beloved bestseller. Featuring an out-of-this-world collection of charms to wear and share, with more than 35 all-new designs, a silver charm bracelet, and two packets of accent glitter, this kit is the line extension clay charms fans have been waiting for. Sculpt itty-bitty robot buddies, mini unicorns, and more with the same shaping tool and Klutz-clear instructions you know and love. Then, it's glitter time!

. Make Clay Charms has been a Klutz top seller since its release in 2013

. Comes with 35+ all-new charm designs in new clay colours, so clay charms fans will have even more to love!

. Make them sparkle! With our loose glitter packets, kids can get creative with how they glitz up their charms. Mix it into the clay, make a specific area shimmer, or just sprinkle it all over.

Comes with: 48-page book, 6 colours of clay, 2 colours of glitter, charm bracelet, glaze with brush applicator, clay shaping tool, drying rack