Crying Is Like the Rain


A gentle metaphor for coping with anxiety and sadness.
Have you ever noticed that after
a storm ends, the whole earth
feels like it took a big deep breath?
And then we can search
for a beautiful rainbow.
It's the same for you and me.
When we relax into our tears, we remember
they have lessons to teach us.
They are here to connect us to
ourselves, deep inside.
We can learn to express and share our feelings
in ways that are safe for everyone.
And then we can look inside
for our very own rainbow.
Crying is like the rain.
Feelings come and go like the weather, and crying is like the rain. The words of this gentle book elaborate this soothing, encouraging theme, while the pictures tell a story of a little boy tearfully bound for his first day of school in the company of his older and wiser sister.