Ogopogo: The Misunderstood Lake Monster

Ogopogo is the legendary monster of Okanagan Lake in British Columbia’s sunny southern Interior. He is believed to have lived in the lake for over 100 years. The Aboriginal peoples call him “N’ha-a-tik” meaning “sacred creature of the water”.

The Ogopogo has been compared to many other creatures including sea snakes and sturgeons and also to other lake monsters such as Manipogo from Canada’s Lake Manitoba, Champ of Lake Champlain in the United States and the monster of Scotland’s Loch Ness. Most of the people of the Okanagan Valley consider him more an elusive tease than a dreaded monster. The Ogopogo is now a protected species by law.

Follow the adventure of the misunderstood lake monster in this tale of dramatic rescue and heroism. It is a tale of yesterday, when the Okanagan had the longest floating bridge in the world. If you look today, you’ll see a brand new bridge just next to where the first one was built. Who knows what adventures this new bridge will bring for Ogopogo in the near future…