Hazy Bloom and the Mystery Next Door


The Hazy Bloom chapter book series continues inHazy Bloom and the Mystery Next Door, the third standalone adventure from writer Jennifer Hamburg and illustrator Jenn Harney, when Hazy's tomorrow visions cause her boring summer vacation to take a mysterious and hilariously Hazy-like turn.

Summer has just begun, and Hazel "Hazy" Bloom is not a happy camper. In fact, she's not even an unhappy camper, because she's stuck at home while all of her friends spend their summers camping (okay, Elizabeth's is only day camp, but still).

But then her tomorrow power—her ability to see a visual cue about something that will happen the next day—leads her to the empty house next door, where strange things keep happening. Empty house. Flickering lights. Sudden gust of wind. Could there be a ghost there? Hazy realizes it's once again up to her to solve the mystery and prevent doom!