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Les superbes illustrations de Mike Boldt animent à la perfection cette histoire hilarante de Robert Munsch.

Lors d'une sortie en mer avec son père, Kristi tombe par-dessus bord. Lorsque son père la secourt, elle tient dans ses mains un énorme poisson. Ni une ni deux, le pêcheur y voit une méthode miraculeuse pour attraper de très gros poissons…

Kristi has finally persuaded her dad to take her fishing. But when a big wave washes her over the side, her dad can't pull her back into the boat because she's holding onto an ENORMOUS fish! As he gets creative with his fishing line, he is able to rescue her, only to toss her back to sea to find more gigantic fish!

An over-the-top funny Munsch story that showcases father-daughter bonding time as well as the fine art of fishing. Fun for the whole family!

Original title: Get Me Another One!