Plumo et Phobie : N° 4 - Au feu!


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Après un long voyage autour du monde, Plumo et Phobie sont de retour dans leur forêt bien-aimée. Plumo aimerait organiser une fête, mais Phobie n'a pas envie de célébrer : sa maison est dans un état lamentable!

Retrouvez ce duo aussi hilarant qu'improbable dans une nouvelle aventure!


It's been a long, crazy trip around the world. Now the duo is back in their beloved forest, and Plumo wants to throw a party! But Phobie isn't in the mood to celebrate. His house needs a good cleaning, the river has been dammed up by a pesky beaver, and the forest animals are jittery about a growing menace.

Will the dam dry out the forest? Will the mysterious new danger ruin the party? Will Plumo finally convince Phobie to let go and just have a good time? Find out in their hilarious new adventure!

Original title: Bird & Squirrel On Fire