Hullabaloo at Camp Croak!


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Hullabaloo at Camp Croak! - Paperback / softback Trade paperback (US) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Raise your paws and show some claws! In book two of the Ghost Scouts series, it’s Visitor’s Weekend, and Lexie and her friends must protect Camp Croak from misconstrued wishes and a mysterious stranger claiming to be Lexie’s mother.
The girls have just finished celebrating the defeat—or rather, the digestion—of Camp Counselor Vile, when more trouble comes their way . . .

The camp is celebrating its annual Visitor's Weekend, and Lexie is thrilled. She can’t wait to show her grandmother her new Ghost Scout badges in first aid (a.k.a. gluing together zombies) and knot tying (while dangling over a pool of sharks).

Lexie’s excitement is soon quashed, however, when her grandmother does not show. Instead, a mysterious woman appears claiming to be Lexie’s mother and informs the scouts that she is taking Lexie with her to leave Camp Croak for good! To make matters worse, magical “Wishwinds” have shown up and turned all the other adults into teacups, three-headed cats, and parent popsicles. Can Lexie and her friends reverse the wishes and find out what her mysterious “mother” is hiding?

Taylor Dolan crafts a hilarious Camp Croak adventure featuring her stylized, fantastically funny two-color art.