Brain Twisters for Minecrafters

Amazing Minecrafter Brain Games and Puzzles that Will Blow Your Mind!
Discover worlds of Minecraft fun with puzzlers that will have your friends scratching their heads from here to the Extreme Hills. “Brain twisters” make way for tons of fun—a little bit puzzle and a little bit funny—they’re the Minecraft fan’s most exciting riddles. Use your Minecraft know-how to solve cool logic puzzles. Some solutions even have a hilarious twist—you'll be laughing all the way to the Nether! With more than eight hundred brain twisters, you’ll stock up on brainpower more explosive than a creeper’s TNT.
Find the cleverest puzzles in the Overworld, including:

A Creeper is after Steve, and he has to find safety in one of three structures. One is on fire, one is full of Skeletons, and the other is home to Spiders who haven’t eaten in months. Which place is the safest?
            The structure with the Spiders. If they haven’t eaten in months…those Spiders are dead.

Alex is in the Taiga biome with a pack on her back, but she isn’t carrying anything. How is this possible?
       The pack is a pack of Wolves.

What item in Minecraft is black when you mine it, orange when you use it, and grey when it’s all used up?

Steve comes across a jack o’lantern and a couple of sticks in the middle of a grassy biome. What’s the meaning of this?
            It was a Snow Golem…but it melted. The pumpkin head and stick arms are all that’s left.

Brain Twisters for Minecrafters is the ultimate Minecraft game (besides Minecraft of course). In these pages you’ll find all kinds of fun brain games about Mobs, biomes, Steve, Alex, tools, and ores galore. Let’s get in there and pick your brain, Minecrafter!