The Ghosts of Nameless Island


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Twelve-year-old Gus Greenburg can see ghosts; in fact, he uses this paranormal superpower to help them "go on." But when Gus and his mom move into an old mansion on the mysterious and remote Nameless Island, he meets a ghost that's set out to hurt him. Bestselling author Carly Anne West weaves a spooky and thrilling series opener in this spine-tingling tale about mystery, family, and all things paranormal.

After his dad goes missing and his mom is hired to restore an old building called the Rotham Manor, twelve-year-old Gus Greenburg and his mom move to a quaint, secluded island called Nameless. Gus was hoping for a new start on the island (despite throwing up on the boat ride there . . . twice), but a mysterious ghost has another idea. Throw in a mean kid who hides rats in the manor, two new friends, an eclectic island chef who's competing to be on a reality TV show, and Gus's power to talk to the dead . . . well, that's a lot of chaos for one kid! 

Gus needs to find out the identity of the mysterious ghost – and fast – or else he might be doomed to the same lethal fate.

That is, if the island’s signature "Heavenly Hash" dish doesn't get to him first.

The Ghosts of Nameless Island is the first book in a new trilogy from bestselling author Carly Anne West. It's infused with Carly Anne West's signature wit and humor, and spooky enough for fans of Claribel Ortega's Ghost Squad, Scott Cawthon's Five Night's at Freddy's, and Carly's own Hello Neighbor series. This book also features black-and-white spot illustrations throughout.

"Along with this classically atmospheric setting and scary thumps and other noises aplenty, West treats readers to multiple specters that are even more rousingly hideous in her descriptions than in Skaffa’s spiky, stylishly grotesque monochrome scenes and spot art . . . Hints of dark doings in the island’s past also emerge before this trilogy opener ends with a sudden and terrifying cliffhanger . . . All the shivery feels, escalating to the nightmarish in spots." - Kirkus

"Join author Carly Anne West on Nameless Island for a haunting, spine-tingling mystery that will leave you on the edge of your seat! The Ghost of Nameless Island is an  illustrated tale of hidden rats, mystery ghosts, and reality TV that is sure to lift your spirits." - Terrance Crawford, bestselling author of the Piggy series