Candy Fairies 3-Books-in-1! #3

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Get a taste of the Candy Fairies series with this yummy paperback bind-up that includes three Candy Fairies adventures!

This supersweet paperback edition of the three Candy Fairies books includes Bubble Gum Rescue, Double Dip, and Jelly Bean Jumble.

In Bubble Gum Rescue, Melli the Caramel Fairy learns that there’s a deep crack in the butterscotch volcano in the Caramel Hills, endangering the little caramella birds! What will the Candy Fairies do to save the birds from this candy-catastrophe?

In Double Dip, Dash the Mint Fairy and Cocoa the Chocolate Fairy are going to race in the Double Dip sled race. But when Dash comes down with a sore throat, plans go downhill. How will the Candy Fairies get Dash and Cocoa back on track to sweet victory?

And in Jelly Bean Jumble, Berry the Fruit Fairy is planning on giving Princess Lolli the most sugar-tastic jelly beans for her trip to Cake Kingdom. But when an unexpected storm comes to Sugar Valley, Berry’s jelly bean plants are covered in an icy frost! Can the Candy Fairies save the day?