Lunch Box Letters


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Children are subjected to great stress and anxiety while growing up in a dangerous and fast changing world. Parents struggle too, especially to find ways to communicate with their children and to show how much they care. This practical and valuable little book presents a proven method of staying in touch with your children throughout their school years.

Lunch Box Letters is the result of the experience of two parents who -- separately -- wrote notes to their children on a regular basis and were immensely encouraged, by the results. Now they show how you can use their successful method to communicate with your own kids. They provide sample letters to let you see just how simple these little notes are to write - and how important they are to both parent and child. They also answer common questions that parents raise, such as 'Where do I find the time?' 'What if I have three kids?' or 'What if I'm a lousy speller?'

As the authors make perfectly clear, you do not have to be Shakespeare to write lunch letters. (In fact, it's probably best if you're not.) Your children just want to hear your voice - to know that you care enough to write a few words for them to read in the middle of the day.

Lunch Box Letters contains 75 sheets of colorful notepaper, perforated and ready for you to tear out and use. Just add a few words and tuck the finished letter into your children's lunch boxes. They will be thrilled. And you'll find that with this book to help you, the message takes almost no time at all.

Some of the letters that Carol and Bill have written are simple expressions of love, notes of encouragement, or appreciation of the progress that children make in growing up. Some are designed to help kids overcome uncertainty, some are even apologies. And some are written simply for fun.