Fire Trucks and Rescue Vehicles


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The Mighty Machines series. Mighty machines in full color for the kids who love them.

In the Mighty Machines series, vivid color photographs of machines at work jump off the page. Large type describes the machines, their parts and their uses. Glossaries explain essential terms, and suggested activities add to the fun. The big format and vibrant designs make the books perfect for kids to read alone or share with a friend.

With their lively designs and topics that are always a favorite with kids, these books offer popular subject matter and excellent value.

The thrill of the unknown just adds to the excitement of seeing (and hearing) a rescue vehicle. This book shows a variety of rescue vehicles along with the personnel who work on them, including:

  • Ladder trucks at a burning building
  • Helicopters dropping water on a forest fire and airlifting a stranded dog from a mountain pass
  • Airport rescue trucks with special lights and room for passengers
  • New York City's harbor fire boats
  • Helicopters and lifeboats rescuing sailors
  • Ambulances and air ambulances helping injured drivers
  • Police on their way to an emergency by car and helicopter
  • A police motorcade escorting a VIP