The Bamboo and Me


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Is bamboo a food, a grass, or a wood? One little boy knows that it's all three!

Told in both English and Chinese,Bamboo and Me is the story of a little boy whose house was surrounded by many bamboo forests and streams. He lived with bamboo all year round. In spring, he ate delicate and delicious bamboo shoots; in summer, he crafted pliant bamboo stalks into baskets and brooms that he used as tools for fishing; in fall, he used mature bamboo to build kites that flew high and far; in winter, pork cooked with bamboo shoots was the celebratory dish for his family's New Year's Eve dinner. Even the special gift he received from his grandfather on New Year's Eve was made of bamboo.

Winsomely told and delightfully illustrated,Bamboo and Me is a tale that will enchant readers of all ages.