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Former high school English instructor and When Crazy Meets Exhaustion blog founder Stephanie Jankowski takes readers into the classroom with her humorous essays, teaching tips and anecdotes of what it's really like to be a teacher. In this snarky essay collection, former high school English instructor and author Stephanie Jankowski reveals everything your education degree doesn't prepare you for about being a teacher. New and experienced educators alike will laugh and commiserate with Stephanie's blunt, no-holds-barred commentary, which covers topics such nailing down (and surviving) that first teaching position ("When You're a 22-year-old Teacher and Your Students are 18 "), struggling with difficult students and day-to-day classroom frustrations ("Why Do I Kind of Hate This Job?: A Teacher's Year-Long Soliloquy"), avoiding that annoying coworker ("Just Stay Out of the Faculty Lounge"), dealing with administrative issues and bureaucracy in education ("Those Who Can't Teach Join the School Board") and teaching outside the traditional classroom ("Goodbye Classroom, Hello Computer"). These amusing adventures in education shout "I see you, fellow teacher...and you're not alone." Her relatable struggles are required reading for ed-majors, new hires, teaching veterans, school administrators and everyone else interested in our country's education system and the dedicated professionals who make it all possible. Schooled is the book every college-grad and first-year teacher needs, and what every veteran teacher wishes he or she had.