Ninja Life Hacks: Anxious Ninja Activity Book


Ninja Life Hacks: Anxious Ninja Activity Book - Paperback / softback Trade paperback (US) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Anxious Ninja deals with stressful emotions in this mindful activity book filled with creative ways for kids to manage anxiety.

Life is tough! But so are kids who are just trying to figure out their emotions and feelings. Anxious Ninja Activity Book takes one of the most popular characters from the bestselling book series and puts them in a fun activity book to help understand anxiousness, relax, and release their daily stresses. Guided by Anxious Ninja, kids can learn simple strategies for dealing with anxiety and stress by engaging in fun and effective activities.     

75+ MINDFUL ACTIVITIES: Dozens of illustrated pages offer thought-provoking activities to guide your child toward a calm, stress-free mindset.      

MORE MOMENTS TO SHARE: Expands on the bestselling book Anxious Ninja with new prompts and activities that kids (and their parents) have been waiting for.

INSPIRING CHARACTER: Kids learn and grow along with Anxious Ninja, developing skills and strategies for managing stress and anxiety.
Filled with the signature humor of the bestselling Ninja Life Hacks books, these activities are as entertaining as they are enlightening.  

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