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BOOK! - Hardback is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Young Readers take part in an interactive, humorous journey of twists and turns to the end of the book with Willard the octopus, his friend Mallard ...and a swarm of B's? The Narrator asks the Reader to flip, shake, and talk to BOOK! all while our interjecting animal friends keep the Reader company all the way to... wait will the reader get there?

Willard, a friendly octopus, invites you along on his path to the end of BOOK! Well, you are actually part of the journey…

You become the creator of topsy-turvy, buzzy, jumbly route that Willard must take to get to the end. You (and Willard) are joined by Mallard, a quirky & quacky sidekick, to become a comedy trio trying to see what The End will bring.

To turn the page is a group endeavor with this humorous pair ready to help You make decisions along the way. Good luck and safe travels on your trip to the final page of BOOK!