Dinosaur's Binkit


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Dinosaur's Binkit - Board book is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

First published in 1998, and now completely redesigned and remastered in a new, smaller format, Dinosaur’s Binkit is a bedtime novelty book with lift-the-flaps and touch-and-feels from bestselling and beloved Sandra Boynton.

A dinosaur and his fuzzy blanket get ready for bed in this nifty, interactive play book featuring lift-the-flaps and tactile elements. Little ones (and their adults) will giggle at the routine of this sleepy dinosaur as he gets ready for bed. He may put on his jammies and brush his teeth, but he won’t go to bed without his binkit!

Dinosaur O Dinosaur,
stop tromping all around.
The silver moon is rising.
It’s time to settle down.