The Boy Who Was Raised By Librarians


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This humorous tale of a curious young boy and his single-minded quest for knowledge is a heartfelt and affectionate tribute to librarians everywhere.
Every day after school Melvin goes to the library. His favorite people?Marge, Betty, and Leola?are always there behind the reference desk. When something interests Melvin, his librarian friends help him find lots and lots of books on the subject. When he collects creepy bugs in a jar, they help him identify, classify, and catalog the insects. As the years pass, Melvin can always find the answers to his questions?and a lot of fun?in the library. Then one day he goes off to college to learn new things and read new books. Will he leave the library and his friends behind forever?
Readers will enjoy Brad Sneed?s delightful illustrations that colorfully capture the fun-loving spirit of Carla Morris?s story about the contagious enthusiasm of learning.