Bone Collection: Animals


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Learn about your favorite animals from the inside out!

From gorillas to kangaroos, get ready to explore the insides of some of your favorite animals and the specialized body parts that help these animals thrive in their habitats. Bone Collection: Animals features dozens of animals with detailed illustrations of their skeletons and information about how their bodies help them move, hunt, and avoid predators. After reading about animals on land, in the water, and in the sky, kids can build an elephant and a crocodile model!

2018 National Parenting Product Awards Winner
Bone Collection: Animals is perfect for your curious kids,” says NAPPA Director Elena Epstein. “There is so much to explore on every page as your kids learn about the insides of some of their favorite animals. This is one of those books that the whole family will enjoy discussing.”

"Sturdy enough for repeated use, this book-kit would be a popular addition to makerspaces or classrooms." —Julia Smith, Booklist