What's in My House?


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A toddler's tour of the house, room by room.

This charming padded book gives a guided tour of a house from the child's perspective. Vibrant photographs show more than 200 items in the baby's room, the bathroom, the kitchen, the home office, the garage and the backyard.

Some things will be instantly recognizable, like teddy bears and baby bottles, but others could be new discoveries, such as an alarm clock, tape dispenser or power drill. Items are shown singly or in multiples, which gives children a head start on learning to count. Many of the photographs show children wearing or using the item and others use cheeky humor that will get toddlers giggling.

What's in My House? gives children the chance to explore the world during quiet times, in the car or with an older sibling or adult. It rewards curiosity, reveals the wonder of books, and is a perfect storytime choice.