Creatures of the Night


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A spectacular collection of animals who are at home in the dark.

Creatures of the Night features more than a dozen extraordinary animals that live in the dark. These are mammals, birds, insects and spiders whose unique physical features help them to survive in the pitch-black darkness of jungles, fields and in the air.

The animals featured include:

  • Aye-aye -- A lifetime spent in rain forest trees where they curl up to sleep during the day
  • Common Glow-worm -- Bioluminescent beetle that doesn't look like a beetle
  • Fungi -- More closely related to animals than plants, fungi "expand" (rather than grow) over a damp night
  • Kinkajou -- Night-roaming cousin of raccoons
  • Mexican Red-kneed Tarantula -- Hunts at night, capturing insects, frogs, lizards and mice
  • Net-casting spider -- A huge pair of forward-facing eyes help it to see at night
  • Railroad worm -- The only animal that is naturally bioluminescent in the red spectrum
  • Vampire bat -- Day-sleepers that hunt during the darkest part of the night.

Intricately drawn artworks give accurate details of each animal's anatomy and behavior, and stunning photographs show how each animal hunts.