How to Amaze Your Son


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How To Amaze Your Son has more than 50 truly creative and inspiring projects that will elicit "wow" and "cool" from the most skeptical of boys. There are crafts, science experiments, creative experiences, and easy magic tricks. Each is cheap and easy.

All the amazements use items found in the home. Here are some examples:

  • Things To Do Together: Sprouted Potato People; Make Fake Snow; Treasures Nature Walk; Show Him How to Inflate Snow in the Microwave
  • Treasures: Sprouting Onion Flying Fish; Secret Stash Treasure Book; Broccoli Treehouse; Tin Can Drum Set; Candy-Launching Catapult
  • To Play: Grapefruit Dwarves House; Ice Ring Dinosaur Dig; Under-the-Table House; Jungle Rock Cave; Secret Message Rocket
  • Experiments and Magic: Small Craters Chemist; Magic Campfire; Shaving Cream Fake Snow; Separating Eggs Using a Bottle
  • Projects To Eat!: Playmobil® Popsicles; Honeybee Pancakes; Babybel® Family; Mountain Cake With Rock Climbers; Castle Cake.

How To Amaze Your Son is a practical and inspiring resource for all parents, teachers and caregivers.