The Weedflower


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The Weedflower - Hardback Picture book is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

A modern schoolyard fable about nature’s magical ability to encourage imagination, play, and joy—and a dandelion’s ability to always grow back

One day on the gray school playground, Sam notices something new. Against all odds, a little flower has sprouted in between the concrete and rubber turf.

Sam adores the tiny bud. She sings to it, admires it, and watches it bloom into a bright yellow flower that’s ultimately too large to hide. Soon the other students notice it, too. Under their care, the flower thrives, illuminating the gloomy playground and eventually—magically—changing into one perfect fluffball that dances in the wind.

But when the adults take notice, they decide it has to go …

A sunny story with warm illustrations that will encourage readers to take notice of the natural world, The Weedflower makes for a great read-aloud. It will tie in well with Earth Day curriculum while also highlighting the positive role that nature plays in our lives.