Mummy & Me


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An ode to little monsters and the caregivers who love them

When the sun goes down, Mummy and Wee Wolf emerge from their coffin to start the day. Wee Wolf loves his mummy. She brushes his unruly fur, brews midnight stew for their lunch, and reads him his favorite Hairy Tales. And whenever Mummy and Wee Wolf have a disagreement, a little boogie helps them forget all their troubles!

But taking care of Wee Wolf isn’t easy. Wee Wolf’s efforts to be a perfectly well-behaved monster often hilariously sabotage Mummy. He interrupts her morning stretches, “helps” her cook by cannonballing into hot stew, and wiggles out of her grasp while she tries to clip his little wolfy toenails. By the end of the night, Wee Wolf notices Mummy becoming a little … unravelled. But just as Mummy is always there for him, Wee Wolf is there for her—ready to help re-wrap her bandages, toilet paper in hand.

This hilarious, highly original picture book plays with the phrase “little monsters” as it explores parent-child relationships. While the bold, detailed illustrations will draw readers in, Wee Wolf’s tender, thoughtful moments encourage both empathy and self-awareness. It’s a howling good time!