Sarah Ponakey, Storycatcher and Âhâsiw's Forest Powwow


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Sarah Ponakey, Storycatcher and Âhâsiw's Forest Powwow - Paperback / softback Trade paperback (US) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

A vibrant debut early chapter book series celebrating Cree culture and being true to yourself.

Look for Book 2, Muskwa’s Tipi Talks, coming in Spring 2025!

Sarah Ponakey has moved to the city from her home community with her mom and it’s the pits! She misses her Kôhkom, her best friend Eden, and the forests around her community. She’s had a hard time making new friends at school but at least she keeps in touch with Eden through meticulously written letters with very big words. After a particularly tough day where she nearly loses her favorite stuffed animal, Âhâsiw, and is brushed off by her mom, Sarah finds herself transported to a magical forest powwow . . .

Accompanied by a life-sized Âhâsiw in his beautiful regalia, Sarah watches in excitement as a chipmunk emcees, and bears play the host drum at her first ever powwow. The more she sees, the more her confidence grows. As she joins in the celebration, Sarah discovers that she can connect to her Cree culture no matter where she is. Her Kôhkom’s going to love this story! Âhâsiw’s Forest Powwow, the first book from debut children’s author Sita MacMillan, features Cree words throughout the story and a note to the reader. Azby Whitecalf’s dynamic illustrations bring life to this warm, charming, and funny introduction to Sarah Ponakey, the storycatcher.