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A stunning illustrated introduction to the most important North American trees.

"A nonfiction volume of chic design. The book lays out the characteristics of all sorts of trees, principally in North America, with a nice mix of field-guide facts and cultural commentary.” – Wall Street Journal

"A poetic picture book for young and old that has the accuracy of field guide." Swiss Public Broadcasting

Winner of the White Raven Award from the International Youth Library Foundation, author and illustrator Lisa Voisard captures a child's sense of wonder for the natural world. In Arborama, her first book available in English, Voisard submerses readers in the marvelous world of trees: how they reproduce and grow from tiny seeds into the largest plants on earth, how they make our life possible, and how they even communicate with one another. Over more than 200 lavishing-illustrated pages, readers will learn to identify more than 30 key North American trees—from favorites such as sugar maple and Douglas fir, to lesser known varieties such as the southern magnolia or weeping willow. Come to appreciate the marvelous world of trees all around you!