Tarsier Sings His Song


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Tarsier sings a duet every dawn and every dusk, just hoping one day, his true love will answer back. A neighbour bear cuscus takes it upon himself to cheer the tiny tarsier up and teach him to sing a happy song. A lot of singing and laughter fills the jungle, but that night, tarsier still sings his sad song. Will his friend stand by him and continue to cheer him up if she doesn't answer? Will she ever answer?

On the surface, "Tarsier Sings His Song" is about a Tarsier being cheered up by his friends while he waits for his dreams to come true. Look deeper, and it's a story about staying true to yourself, the value of friendship, and being open to learning from creatures different than you.

Kids love the fact-filled spread at the end of the story where they can learn about tarsiers, bear cuscus's, Celebes crested Macaques, and even how to draw them!

Endangered & Misunderstood is an ongoing series of children's picture books that takes a different approach to the serious subject of lesser-known endangered animals, emphasizing laughter, adventure, and themes everyone can relate to.

Buy "Tarsier Sings His Song" to help the endangered tarsiers. All proceeds go towards the protection and conservation of tarsiers.